Delayed Choice Quantum Eraser

Today I'd like to write something about quantum physics.

Quantum physics has gained my interest since several years and although I've seen all the most important experiments by now, it still peaks my interest when something new is discovered (such as the FTL neutrinos recently). An interesting experiment I read about is the Delayed Choice Quantum Eraser. It is most interesting, because nobody really has a conclusive answer for the behavior of this experiment yet. Many experiments in quantum physics can be explained both mathematically and with good reason. Some experiments can be explained only mathematically and Niels Bohr would say "Don't bother with the reason, the math is all you need to know.", but I always need an answer to the "Why?". This experiment reveals something that is still a complete mystery to us and I would like to know why it behaves the way that it does...


The source release that I already regret before it is uploaded.

A prototype. Without documentation. Stripped from any usernames, passwords and other private information. Hardcoded magic values. Incomplete and unfinished. Works only on the specified hardware. Missing dependencies. You won't like it. I don't like it. But you repeatedly asked me for this. Now you can download the source code of the Star-Trek-like home computer. Use completely at your own risk! No support. It won't work out of the box and you need to be a programmer to get any of it to run. But even then it is still useless. I warned you. Do not email me about this!


Google Calendar

A few years ago, when Google worked hard on all sort of internet-based tools, I said "Google shouldn't try doing all sorts of things. They should stick to what they are good at, which is their search engine.". These days I have to admit that some (if not most) of their other works are pretty good too.


An attempt at blogging

I started this blog, because I noticed a large number of people interested in my home domotics project. I received a lot of comments and emails with questions which was a bit too much to answer. Through this blog I hope to answer some questions and tell you about my current work-in-progress: my new home computer software which is written from scratch and a whole new take on this.

For anyone who got here and is still wondering what this is all about; you may want to watch this YouTube video.

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